App Jasmine with IOT device – A Case tudy

Overview App Jasmine is a company of entrepreneurs who are passionate working with Uber and the like products. This team provides one of the finest smart phone leveraged geo localized service delivery. With the customers’ needs and feedback they were inventing something more and finally the company has molded one of a kind product named… Read More »

Are On Demand Service businesses everywhere?

To answer the question; YES they are!! And as to why; there are quite a number of reasons and most prominently, the ‘get it right away’ fever that only grew stronger with the advancement in technology – mobile applications, smartphones and tablet computers. Earlier, a mobile device was just something that instantly connects two ends… Read More »

How can an Uber like app tone up your Beauty Service business?

Beauty salons or parlors are simply places for cosmetic treatments for people. In addition to cosmetic treatments beauty salons also offer hair and nail care treatments. Though there are separate salons for hair, nail and cosmetic treatments; many beauty clinics or salons offer all services under one roof. Ever since their inception, beauty salons have… Read More »

How can an uber like app assist a valet parking service business? (Case Study – Uber for Valet Parking Services)

The major problem of finding a parking space for our car at clubs and restaurants can now be discarded with valets. With valets to park their car, customers or guests now don’t have the need to park their cars themselves and walk all the way from the parking spot to the party house or club.… Read More »