App Jasmine with IOT device – A Case tudy

By | April 26, 2016


App Jasmine is a company of entrepreneurs who are passionate working with Uber and the like products. This team provides one of the finest smart phone leveraged geo localized service delivery. With the customers’ needs and feedback they were inventing something more and finally the company has molded one of a kind product named ‘Uber for X Script’.

In the advancements of technologies, now Uber can take a wide leap when the IOT comes into action. Tracking of the Uber is a tricky part when you are actually riding. App Jasmine finds a new way of tracking the Uber with the specific features that a third person can rely on during the service. This is what the company is now releasing. The brand new feature of Uber with IOT tracking system.


Firstly let me ask what is IoT?

Definition: Internet of Things – devices that collect and transit the data via internet. IoT is an environment where the human interaction with the computers no more required. Everything the machine does through the connected net. It’s a fact that the development of Internet of Things was due to the huge increase in the address space of IPV6. It’s possible to assign IP address to every ‘thing’ in the planet. The reality of IoT is it has an unimaginable power virtually which one still cannot fathom. Can you just imagine how it would be to manage with billions and billions of devices connected over the internet? One of the scariest factors to be looked after is the security of the data. How will it be when your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning and in the mean while when you step out of your bed, you get your bread toasted automatically for you? And the fear factor is the security, what if some hacker gets over your toaster and use it your network thereby? The data security is a prime focus of the companies with the devices produced. Future of technology is fully automatic and programmed. Apparently, IoT can be used in the transportation networks the smart cities aiding to  minimize the waste and improve the efficiency of things like energy and fuel.

So what is it with IOT now?

The talk of IoT is around the globe and the implementations are just mind blowing technological tactics. Everything are connected via internet, then why not Uber? Thus the company launched the IoT device which can track the very details of the car and the health of the car. This device is specially built to connect with the Uber app through the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) with which the service of the device can be achieved. Once the device is connected with a user through the, no other can access the device or connect it. The user gets the privilege of exploring the detailed features and health conditions of the car. The company offers the app with the feature of sharing this precise details to some external person who they are concerned. Well, this helps your pal or the one who is concerned to track your ride, know the car status too. Now in the Uber industry, the Admin can view the status of all the cars in the system and can keep an eye on the alerts for each. The driver is benefited with this feature allowing him to regularly watch on the condition of the car and can schedule for the services. Thus everyone is availed with this intelligent tracking device.

How does IOT in Uber work?

The concept of tracking an Uber during the ride was a serious factor that the company was dealing with. To share the ride details to another person concerned with the details of the car like the location and vehicle info etc. These can be easily obtained for every unique individual car from the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port. OBD port is a default port in every car that comprises the car health. The data from this port can be received using the IoT device Trip Land and is connected with the app through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). One major feature of this device is that if a user is connected with the app then another user cannot connect to it. The details from the OBD port are then made into an understandable format for the user regarding the details of the car. When the app is connected with the device, in the user dashboard comes the details of the car such as engine run time speed, temperature, critical alerts, RPM and the current location of the car. To check on a detailed view of the car health, the users can click on it and view. These are the details that every driver and the user can see. The admin can view the whole lot of data of all the cars and can have a check on the status of the cars. This app is capable of integrating the car data with the server regularly.