Are On Demand Service businesses everywhere?

By | February 5, 2016

To answer the question; YES they are!! And as to why; there are quite a number of reasons and most prominently, the ‘get it right away’ fever that only grew stronger with the advancement in technology – mobile applications, smartphones and tablet computers.

Earlier, a mobile device was just something that instantly connects two ends wirelessly with phone calls and text messaging. And then came internet as mobile data and GPRS in mobile devices, with which everything from checking emails, connecting to people and sharing files all came simple, easy, and mainly instant.

And now with mobile applications, this has become simpler and quicker. No more login pages, usernames or passwords. A click at the mobile app is all that is needed to take users to their social media networks, email accounts, job portals, travelogues, book for vacations and do a lot more right from their couch. From gaming and photo editors to financial transfers and navigation; there are now mobile applications for everything.

Smart devices and mobile applications have made their way so deep in everyday life that people find it almost impossible to make it a day without them.

Not just fun and leisure, with mobile applications people can now request for services – from cab rides to masseurs and also shop for products – from garments and electronics to even groceries. And all they need is good internet connection and the concerned mobile app in their smart device. Mobile apps facilitate users with features to pay for the services and products online as well.

And we don’t really have to get to the store to purchase a product or book an appointment with the masseuse days before. With just a click at the app, we can get anything from dinner to cabs right away, right at our door steps right ‘on demand’. On – demand services is what they are collectively called and the apps serving these businesses, simply ‘on-demand service applications.’ On demand service businesses have made life so simple that customers depend on the mobile app to hire any service and every business owner is so occupied with having one for his own.

Started with the taxi service provider Uber, on-demand services businesses have never gone downhill ever since. From getting a taxi ride to anywhere and having groceries delivered at your doorstep whenever required to having a professional take your dog for a walk; there are on demand service apps for everything. People don’t have the need to get to the store or even make a phone call anymore. With just the app in their smartphone, users can now order anything from anywhere and have it delivered at any time and place that convenes them.

And as for how on demand service businesses are spread over all services; need an appointment with a masseuse? There are on demand service run by massage service businesses. A parcel delivered right away? There are courier service businesses providing the service on demand.

Right from taking your date to a movie night or dinner and getting back home; with on demand services you would never have to worry about anything.

Why worry about getting a cab when all you have to do is simply mention your requirement at the taxi service app and a cab shows up at your door at precisely anytime you require. With on demand taxi services now offering customers the feature to book any type of vehicle they require, cab rides are not just those boring looking classic vehicles anymore. From a dashing sports utility vehicle to a classy looking Beemer, you can get your date a wonderful ride with just a smartphone, mobile application and of course, the internet.

Pick up a bunch of flowers on the way? There are on demand services for that too. Choose the bunch you require mention the place and time you want it and get it delivered right there.

And in cases where you own a great ride, you don’t have to worry about finding a good parking space either. There are several on demand services for valet parking. With several more businesses sprouting up offering services to park your car for you, you can simply mention your requirement – the time and place you need a valet. With on demand services for valet parking, you never have to worry about finding a parking space anymore.

So what’s the date? A movie night? Or just dinner? Be it any or even both.

With on demand services for tickets and on demand services for restaurant reservations, you can more conveniently spend the evening and still have time for a carriage ride back home as well. And yes that’s right, there are on demand services for carriage rides as well.

Why stress out planning and putting all elements together to make a perfect date when you can just make the plan and execute it more conveniently from just your smartphone?

And the best part is that these services come at no extra cost. From booking a cab or having valets park your vehicle to reserving tables; all you have to pay is for the normal services you are provided. A convenience at no extra charge. Why will users not prefer such services?

Not just taxi service or package deliveries if you can imagine having an on demand delivery service for your business, you can certainly run one. And here at OnDemandBay we would love to build mobile apps for your business and sling shot it right to the leader board instantly in no time.