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By | December 21, 2015

Taxi service providers have been around for long. Long enough that people would find it almost impossible to go ahead with their daily activities without them. At just a wave a cab arrives at your footsteps and with a simple phone call users can book a cab for a later time as per their requirement. And since taxi companies are provide options for customers to choose from various types of cars for regular use, use in special occasions and luxury services, people have almost disregarded options for buying cars of their own.

As for entrepreneurs, this is such a business that is always on demand. Though vehicle purchase and other maintenance expenditures are always there, a dull business day is not something a taxi service business provides to the owner. And as in every business, there is never an easy way to grab money where there is more of it. As a business with great benefits, taxi companies do have greater competition. With ‘instant service’ becoming trend serving customers instantly at their request became priority to knocking out the competition.

The taxi provider Uber created quite a trend with its mobile application with which customers can request for a cab whenever required and from wherever they are. Not owning any taxis they run, Uber simply acted as a dispatcher or the service provider where their app connected customers to taxi business owners. All that customers had to do was simply login and request for a cab from wherever they are. The app notifies drivers near the customer’s location and also guides them there plus it offered both cash and online payment methods. Proving a great platform, Uber soon had a number of cab companies and individuals signing up at their app as drivers. Why will anyone pass over a service that facilitates taxi bookings from just their phones? No calls or messages. Mention the requirement and that’s pretty much it.

Ever since Uber step foot in the taxi business it did some serious damage to the whole lot of taxi companies and business owners soon realized why. And with the damage well in sight, they either had to enroll with Uber or draw out the curtains and shut down.

But with web and application developers creating Uber like web and app scripts and providing services to customize it, taxi business owners can skip the option to shut down and instead have a taxi booking app or web of their own and compete with Uber head-on. And the best benefit, even entrepreneurs with no cabs of their own can now start a taxi service business.

So where can you get scripts for building a taxi booking website and mobile app? Good in writing lines of codes or know friends who are? You can hire them to create one for you. And with the market flooded with a number of developers with ready made scripts, there are plenty of choices to choose from.

But as a beginner entrepreneur or someone hesitating to consider the business’s transition to an online platform, you might consider trying a taxi booking script that comes cheap. But cheap scripts don’t necessarily work and the ones that are known to work splendid are not really cheap.

For Free                                 

Facilitating entrepreneurs try out a taxi booking website’s benefits for the business and choose better, the web and mobile application development company OnDemandBay; one of the leaders in creating web and mobile applications for on demand service businesses, now gives out their web based taxi booking script at no cost. A splendid script that they have used and successfully created a number of taxi booking websites for several businesses.

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What comes with the Script

An admin panel to control the website, modify add or remove any feature off it, approve or remove profiles etc., a user page where can customers login and request for cabs and a service provider page where drivers login and accept customers’ requests.

What the script provides for the customer

A customer preferring your taxi service simply registers as a user entering their name and contact details thus creating an account of his own. Signing into which, users can modify their profile, add pictures, their contact address, change passwords and more. Selecting the ‘request flight’ tab and mentioning their location and destination points, customers can request for a ride anytime, for an instant ride or book one for later. They can either mention their locations themselves or conveniently allow the script to find their location. As the admin’s choice, the script has a preset set of cabs that the business contains and customer can choose the one they require and also the payment method that convenes them. From the service provider’s start to the customer’s location to trip completion, the script notifies the customer on everything and at their profile; can track the location of the cab as well. Upon arriving at their destination, customers have the feature to rate the ride. A list of all the rides they have completed so far, the upcoming ones are all at a click at their profile.

What does the service provider get   

Registering at the website as a driver, the service provider gets to his profile where he can mention the type of car he operates, vehicle and contact details and more. When customers request for a cab near their location, the driver is notified at his profile with choices to accept or reject the request. The driver mentions his start to and arrival at the customer’s location and the script notifies the latter accordingly. Picking up the customer the driver mentions the trip start at the website and also on completion. The driver gets to review the customer as well and at his dashboard has the list of service requests he has accepted, customers’ ratings, total earnings and completed trips. The taxi booking web script also contains provisions for cab owners to provide features for service providers to upload documents, view weekly statements and more.

Absolute control

Controlling every feature of the website, the admin has access to all info from the total number of trips customers have requested through the website, cancelled ones, number of completed and ongoing trips, total revenue and more.

The taxi booking web script provides the admin with a detailed list of all the trips with the customer who requested for it, the driver who accepted the request, the status of the ride, travel fare, trips scheduled for a later time and more. The admin can search for a particular driver’s or a customer’s profile and can approve or delete them anytime. At his dashboard, the admin has full access to everything from feedbacks on drivers, documents uploaded for approval, weekly business statements, payments received and the ones yet to be paid etc. When a customer pays in cash, the driver pays the commission to the admin and when the payment is online, the admin gets paid and deducting his commission pays the rest to the driver.

The admin has the say on providing all features from notifications and search radius to his commission percentage and payment methods. He can choose to alter the looks of his website, the theme, icons, business’s name, add or remove services and anything that works at the website with the admin panel right at a click. The script comes to the admin as 100% customizable.

In today’s business world having an online platform comes as a major requirement rather than being available only offline and for a business that is on demand all throughout the year, it is almost mandatory for taxi service businesses to have be online. With the taxi booking web script OnDemandBay, entrepreneurs can now have a website for their business comfortably and completely FREE.

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