How can an uber like app assist a valet parking service business? (Case Study – Uber for Valet Parking Services)

By | December 28, 2015

The major problem of finding a parking space for our car at clubs and restaurants can now be discarded with valets. With valets to park their car, customers or guests now don’t have the need to park their cars themselves and walk all the way from the parking spot to the party house or club. In addition to clubs and restaurants, a few hospitals offer valet services as well these days.

And valets are simply persons employed by the organization, party organizer or the club houses to park their customers’ vehicles. With valets there is now need to look out for a spot to park your car and wall all the way back to get it from there. In addition, the need to roll your car slowly at the exits is now eliminated. Customers either pay for the valet parking service or the service is offered by the restaurant, club or organizations to their customers for free. When the customers are charged they are usually charged for the duration the particular parking spot was occupied by their car.

Valets are usually well trained in what they do and are insured to compromise for any damage caused to the car when it was under the valet’s responsibility. Valets don’t just park the car but bring the car up front whenever the customer requests as well. In addition to these few valet services also offer car washing and detailing services.

Valet parking that was once a luxury offered only at high end clubs and parties has now become a necessity. And with every club and restaurant in the city offering valet parking service, valet parking services have now become a reliable business. Club houses and restaurants either employ their own valet persons or outsource the service to valet service businesses. With a regular income every week and the working hours limited to the evenings, working as a valet has become the craze for several unemployed graduates and as a great part time job opportunity for students.

Starting a valet parking service has minimal equipment as key boxes, valet tickets etc. the business has a turnover just two to three months and several restaurants, clubs, casinos, hospitals and shopping malls are now on the lookout for eligible valet parking service business providers. And with no need of any technical expertise and a place to rent for running the business, a valet service business is now on the hit list of almost every entrepreneur.

And with on demand services on the rise, being available to the customer any time anywhere has now become the mandatory condition for any business. And not being an exception; valet parking does fall into the on demand service category. And with the taxi service app Uber’s business model that has been profoundly successful, every business owner is now looking at having an app for their business.

Uber for X

Every on demand service app follows the same business model – Uber’s. The base script for creating the app for on demand businesses is termed ‘Uber for X’ and can be altered or modified to fit any business.


Ondemandbay is one such mobile application company that has the Uber for X script ready and can customize it to the buyer’s requirement and fit any business. The company has readymade on demand service app scripts like ‘Send Mate?’ – for courier services, ‘Speed Basket’ – for grocery delivery  services, ‘Uber for beauty services’ – for beauty services and much more.

With customizations to the app, business owners can have a personalized mobile application for their business. ‘Style me Bar’ – for beauty services, ‘Wag’ – for Dog Walking services, ‘Super Tow Trucks’ – for tow truck services are few personalized uber like apps from Ondemandbay that are online and in use already.

Uber for Valet Parking

Uber for valet parking is the Uber like app from Ondemandbay for running a valet parking service business, customizing which the buyer or business owner can have an app for their business and can simply run the business right from home. The perfect app that helps everyone especially senior citizens and stay at home moms have a business on their own.

How does it Work?

A business owner or entrepreneur purchases the script from the company and has it customized to fit his business. Personalizing the script he/she gets a web based admin panel and iOS and Android apps for his users and valets. When a potential user downloads the app, he/she is required to register at the app entering his name, email id, contact address, credit card details etc. The user can register using his social media profile as well.

When a customer requests the valet service, the application detects the customer’s location with the GPS system in the customer’s smartphone. The customer gets a list of all valet service providers near the customer’s location. The customer can chose the desired valet service and request their service. The valet service provider is notified and sends his valet to serve the customer (park the car for the customer and also bring it up for them when requested).

Once the service is rendered, the customer can rate the service and pay him either online (through the credit card he registered with) or in cash. The service provider or the valet also has the provision to rate the customer. When an entrepreneur runs a valet providing service, he gets a particular amount of commission from the valet service provider on every bill paid. He can also choose to collect a particular fee every week or month as charge for advertising or enrolling in his app instead of charging a commission in every bill. And with the additional choice of allowing ad banners in his app, the buyer can generate extra revenue.

For the app owner 

Either a valet service provider/business owner or an entrepreneur looking at starting a valet service business can purchase the app and with customizations, have a personalized app for their valet service business. As the admin panel, the app owner has unlimited access and control of the app and can also set sub admins for various app sections and limit their authorization as well. With an exclusive admin username and password, the admin can manage the customers and service providers registered at the app. He can manage the list of service providers and users and choose to delete a service provider or a customer anytime as well.

With a complete clear cut list of every user, date and time of their request, the service provider who chose to serve the customer, the valet who served and the bill amount etc. The admin gets a share of every bill customers pay as commission from the service provider for gaining a customer through the app. In cases where a customer pays in cash, the admin has a track of the bill amount and the amount to be received from the service provider. Whereas when the customer pays online through their credit card, the payment is received by the admin and deducting his commission the admin pays the rest to the valet service business provider. He can also choose to charge the service provider a fixed amount every week or month discarding the need to keep a track of the commission to be received from them.

For the valet

The valet persons get an app as well and are notified when a customer requests for a service. A valet willing to accept the customer’s request or close to the customer’s location accepts the job and serves the customer. When the valet has served the customer, he notifies the service provider that the task has been completed and the charge is collected from the customer.

Income for the valet

The valets can either be on the service provider’s payroll and get a fixed monthly or weekly income or can choose to get a commission for every customer they serve.

For the customer

The customer can download the app and register at it either the conventional way or with his social media profile. The customer can edit his profile – the name, email id, location etc. at anytime and log in the app with his very own id and password.

Logging in the app a user in need of a valet can request one. Recognizing the user’s location through the GPS system in the user’s smartphone or handheld device, the app displays the list of all possible valet service providers. Viewing the ratings of the service providers, the customer can choose the desired one. When the valet service provider accepts the customer’s request or chooses to serve the customer, he gets an ETA of the valet. When the valet has served the customer, the latter can review and rate the valet’s service as well. The customer can either pay the valet online or choose to pay the valet in cash.

uber for valet

In addition to the app using the GPS to recognize the user’s location, the customer can mention the location he requires a valet at as well. With this feature, the user can request a valet from work or home and be greeted with one at the party house or restaurant.

Business ideas

The app can be used by a valet service providing business owner or by an entrepreneur with the idea to start a valet servicing business. The entrepreneur can hire eligible persons as valets and start his own valet service provider business or enroll potential valet service business owners in the app. Enrolling at the app, the business owners get a cost efficient way of having an online platform for their business. Students and other employees looking for extra cash can enroll as part time valets and earn a considerable income every week. As the admin panel, the app owner can also allow ad banners and spaces at the app and earn additional revenue with no extra effort.

App Benefits

  • With the app, the business owners can now have an easy and cost efficient online platform for their businesses.
  • ‘Running a valet providing service business from home’ something that no entrepreneur would pass on.
  • The app is compatible on major operating platforms (iOS and Android) and fits all hand held devices and smartphones.
  • Users can get a valet to park their car from anywhere and at anytime.
  • An easy part-time job for any student.

The buyer gets an iOS plus Android app for both service providers and customers and a web based admin panel at just $999. With 100% source code, the script comes with free upgrades for life and comes with expert installation as well. Interested in starting a valet parking service providing business check out or shoot a mail to: anytime.