How can an Uber like app tone up your Beauty Service business?

By | January 27, 2016

Beauty salons or parlors are simply places for cosmetic treatments for people. In addition to cosmetic treatments beauty salons also offer hair and nail care treatments. Though there are separate salons for hair, nail and cosmetic treatments; many beauty clinics or salons offer all services under one roof.

Ever since their inception, beauty salons have always been a money making business and beauty service providers and beauty salons were seen to be making more money even at the time of recession. Realizing the revenue potential beauty service businesses have; many business owners have started beauty salons in the recent years and even with the competition there is always a rush at these salons. Beauty salons make a pretty load of money every day; there is never a dull day at business.

Most beauty salons require previously booked appointments and with their busy schedule they never provide service at a time that facilitates the customer. Rather, the customers are required to make or change his/her schedule based on their appointments at the beauty salon.

Though there are half a dozen beauty salons open in every corner of the street, you can never really get one at the time that suits you or fix an appointment at a salon at the last minute. Even with beauty salons providing beauty services at home, finding a beautician at the time of your need is still a headache.

‘Services on-demand’ has been the craze ever since Uber, the taxi service provider changed the look of all business models with their mobile application for hiring cabs and users were now able to get a cab at any time and place they require. The success of Uber has inspired business owners in having an app for their businesses and with the demand in sight, hundreds of application developers are now focused on creating Uber like apps for their clients. Uber for X is what they call it.

Uber for X

‘Uber for X’ the base script for running an on demand service providing business following Uber’s model. An app like Uber can be created for any business in the world and the base script ‘Uber for X’ can be customized to fit any business.


Ondemandbay, the mobile application development company has readily available Uber like apps for almost any business; purchasing and customizing which the business owner can have a personalized app for his business or entrepreneurs hoping to start a service providing business can have an app for the same. Customizing the applications to suit their business, buyers can have an app to service their customers at ease and also gain new ones.

Uber for Beautician

‘Uber for Beautician’ is the uber like app for beauty services from Ondemandbay customizing which any beauty salon owner or entrepreneur can have an app for their beauty service business. The app also helps entrepreneurs, freelance beauticians and home based service providers to have an app of their own to run a beauty service providing business from anywhere.

How does it work?

An entrepreneur or business owner purchases the script from the company and customizes it to fit their business. The buyer gets separate apps for service providers that can be downloaded by the beauty service providers or beauty salons and apps for the users. He/she also gets a web based admin panel through which the whole app can be monitored and the features modified. The app buyer can now start and run his beauty service business right from his couch.

Through the GPS system in the user’s smartphone, the app locates the customer when he/she requests for beauty services. The app displays possible beauty service providers in close proximity to the user’s location. Customers can view the ratings of the service providers and select the desired one.

Whenever a customer in their operating radius requests their service, the business owner gets a notification through the app. The beauty salon or beauty service provider also has the feature to view the ratings of the customer as given by previous service providers and choose to serve the customer or not. When the business owner chooses to serve the customer, the user/customer is notified about the ETA or arrival time of the beautician. The user is also notified when the beautician arrives at the customer’s location and can rate the beauty service rendered once complete.

The beautician clicks the ‘task completed’ button and the customer is charged through the credit card he/she registered with. The customer can also choose to pay the beautician by cash. When the customer is charged on his credit card, the bill amount is credited to the app owner. The latter then deducts his commission as agreed before and transfers the rest to the service provider or beauty salon owner. The app lets the owner to keep track of the money to be collected from the service providers in cases where the customer prefers to pay cash. Providing ad spaces and banners for brands, the app owner has an additional channel to invite revenue.

How can a beauty salon owner benefit from the app?

A beauty salon owner with a chain of salons or with the idea to serve his customers at home can purchase the app and have his customers download the app in their devices. When customers request the service, the business owner can have his beauticians go to the user’s location and render the service. The app can also be used to facilitate customers make an appointment. 

For the user/customer

A customer downloads the app from the concerned app store and registers at it mentioning his name, email address, phone number, physical address and credit card (or) with her social media profile. He can then login the app with his very own id and password.

Logging in the app the customer selects the kind of beauty service she requires – facial, hair treatment, manicure, pedicure and much more with the charge for every service. Selecting the required service, the app displays possible beauty service providers in close proximity to the customer’s location. The user can view the ratings of the service provider and can choose the desired beauty salon to render the service.

The customer also has the provision to cancel the request at any time as well as edit it. When a beautician leaves to serve the customer, the user/customer gets notified about his time of arrival. Once the service is rendered, the user can rate the service.

At the user’s profile, he/she can edit any detail entered including his name, address, credit card details etc. the customer can also add two or more physical addresses to his profile. Want to get a pedicure at the middle of the night or early at dawn? The app can help you get beauticians at your location in just a click or touch.

For freelance beauticians and service providers

Home based beauty services providers and freelance beauticians can enroll at the app and gain potential customers right across the street who may not have been aware of your business in the neighborhood. With the app the beautician gets a cost efficient marketing for her business as well as a great channel directing more revenue from the business.

When a customer requests the service, the business owner is notified about the request and viewing the customer’s ratings, he/she can choose to serve the customer or not. When he accepts to serve the customer he also mentions the estimated time of arrival of the beautician at the customer’s location. he/she is also notified when a customer rejects the service.

When the requested service has been rendered, the beautician clicks the ‘task completed’ button and the customer is charged for the service. The beautician can also rate the customer at the app.

For the admin panel/app owner

As the app owner or admin panel, the buyer has complete access and control of the app. He can choose to add or reject any number of service providers as well as customers who enroll at the app. He can set charges for every kind of beauty service and set email notifications to the customer and the service provider. He/she has the complete track of users registered and served by the app and the service providers’ earnings as well. A complete set of details regarding a user’s request, a service provider’s acceptance, the money collected etc. are all available to the admin and can be viewed any time. The buyer can also change or edit the services provided through the app anytime.

Other business ideas

Beauty salon owners can serve the customers through the app hiring their own beauticians. An entrepreneur looking at having a business providing beauty services can also download the app and simply direct beauticians to the customers whenever requested.

App benefits

  • With the app, the business owner now gets a cheap online platform for his business.
  • Freelance beauticians can now easily get potential customers and can start their own business with the generated revenue.
  • Customers can get a beautician at any time of the day and anywhere.
  • The app is compatible in all operating platforms and can be used in any handheld device.

The app owner gets Android and iOS apps for their customers and business owners as well as a web based admin panel at a cheap $999. With 100% source code and complete control over the script, the business owner can modify and customize the script anytime. The app comes with fee upgrades for life and Ondemandbay would completely customize the app to suit the buyer’s business. Interested in having an app for your beauty service business? Do visit and check out our app demos anytime. Have a query? We would love to answer it for you. Simply drop in a mail at anytime.