Ride Sharing in Uber

By | April 26, 2016

Ride sharing is the new pulse of the trending market. The companies claimed to be as the titans in ride sharing are Uber and Lyft where they integrate the peer to peer ride sharing business model. It lets the people to share their ride to the ones seeking lift to a destination on the way of their trip. There are certain security measures to recruit the drivers for such companies. It is a prime necessity to clear the criminal history of a person with clean results to be a driver in this case. Secondly the driver’s license is a must which goes unsaid for a driver. This process of security measures are usually handled by the third party companies. The use of finger prints can trace the complete criminal history of the person. These can minimize the any threats during the ride shared with peers.


What is basically a ride sharing?

 Ride sharing – as the word explains, sharing a ride with two or more persons. This has now become the fashion of transport started by the known giants in the industry. Going on a ride, I mean a personal all the way from Los Angeles to Santa Monica will be quite boring and mundane. See the human ideas can make anything possible; now making your cab rides more merry and fun with your peers and pals. Both the driver and the passengers are benefited considerably.

Why ride sharing?

One cool plus of this impulsive way of transport is the cost. It is less costly when compared to a personal ride in cabs. You are sharing your ride and your bill. Chuck it if you forget your wallet or in short of money during travel, coz here you have the credit card integrated with the app and the payment is done through it. So go cashless and enjoy the ride with your peers. Less gasoline is spent here and saving of parking and fuel is another significant edge of this system. When all of the people start using this ride sharing, you can pick the high speed lanes and save your time too to reach your destination say your workplace. Formal rides or daily rides like every weekday or every weekend can be made where you share with your family or colleagues, either point to point or long trips, choose any of your convenience.

How are drivers favored?

Not just the passengers are favored but also drivers who get the pay well. They get an easy income comparatively and less burden of maintenance since the fuel and parking are saved to a substantial level. Driving on high speed lanes are much easier than in the sluggish and slow roads stuck up in traffic. Why wouldn’t drivers prefer ridesharing than the normal rides?? More convenient for the drivers who are licensed and authorized by the government. The drivers are also checked with their criminal and driving backgrounds as the security standards. The feedback system is implemented to know about the rides and their degree of satisfaction with their driver. So a driver with poor feedback has more chances of being discharged from the company. These licensed drivers and professional chauffeurs can independently become contractors too.