The What? Why? Where? of Taxi Booking Scripts

By | January 6, 2016

Be it getting to the airport in time or to the saloon a few blocks down the street, ‘booking a cab’ is one of those phrases that has found a sure special place and if Oxford Dictionaries were to name “phrases of the year”; it would certainly top that list.

And this wasn’t really the same a few years back. Getting a cab meant to get to the street and wave for one (flag a taxi) or book one for later with a phone call to the cab company. Both highly depended on the availability and getting the attention of the driver or the dispatcher. Thanks to ‘Uber’ which finally put an end to this with its mobile application. Need a cab right now? Click on the app, mention your location and ride away. Need one for later, mention the time and book one for later. No more ‘put-on-hold’ calls. Just a few clicks at the app chilling from your couch and get a cab at your doorstep anytime you require.

An app for free that makes cab bookings more convenient. Why would users make a pass on that? Uber was soon recognized across the globe and had millions of regular users right from the initial stages of its launch. And as the solo leader in the taxi booking industry, Uber still reins the taxi industry and with several freelance taxi drivers and smaller taxi companies registering with it, Uber’s fleet only grew larger every week. And if there can be one company with an app, so can more.

Several taxi companies started the quest for uber taxi booking script so they could have an app for their business as well. After all it depends on being readily available for customers and if a taxi company does just that, it is time to put the word out. With the demand on the rise, developers soon took to replicating Uber taxi booking script and the ones who managed to do this quicker; got real larger shares of the pie.

But not all scripts work perfect and with service providers requiring unique features that would highlight their app, the quest for a script that would suit all requirements is still on. So how exactly does a taxi script bring a business more customers and in turn more revenue? It’s really the taxi that does the job. Well there is no denying this. But your business might be providing luxury cars as cabs or taxis at cheaper rates. Doesn’t really mean your business would flourish. There has to be a system that would help your business known to potential customers. With phone calls being outdated, an app serves as the best platform.

But with quite a number of scripts available online, finding the best one that would suit any taxi business is more than just back breaking – the business depends on it. A simple glitch is more than enough for customers to prefer the competitors’ business; forever.

And topping the list of all uber like scripts in the market is OnDemandBay’s taxi booking script ‘uber for taxi’ that works splendid, looks elegant and does more than just serve the purpose. The script comes as a source code for android and iOS platforms that can be instantly deployed as apps. And with customizations to the script, an uber like app can be created for taxi service business in any language in no time.

As a package, the script with full source code comes as a website and mobile applications for passenger and driver in iOS and Android devices and a web based admin panel.

Registering at the app with their email, phone number or simply with their social media profiles, users can request for a cab for instant ride and also book one for a later time. And with just a click, have a cab waiting at their location to pick them up. From choosing the type of cab, viewing driver profiles and contacting them, users have all the features to make their ride simple and smooth. The script also provisions features for customers to pay for the ride in cash or online with their credit card. The taxi script comes integrated with features like fare calculator, estimated time of arrival, real time tracking and more.

Drivers registering at the app are notified when a customer in their operating radius requests for a cab. And integrated with GPS, the script navigates drivers to the customers’ location.

At the admin panel business owners can add any number of taxis or remove any driver. From setting cab charges to managing user and driver profiles, business owners have the say on everything and can manage everything from just the admin panel at their computers. The best part; you don’t really have to be a business owner with a fleet of taxis. There are several freelance drivers and having them enroll at the app entrepreneurs with no taxis of their own can start a business in no time. From tracking cab location, managing profiles, keeping a track of completed and upcoming rides and earnings can all be done at the admin panel’s dashboard.

Need a taxi script for an app for your taxi service business? We should be your next stop. As experts in app development, OnDemandBay creates Uber like apps not just for the taxi service industry but for any other business as well. And to kickoff your thoughts to have an online platform for your taxi service business; you can now get the taxi booking web script for FREE!! Get yours at